Heather McCain

Executive Director, Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods (C.A.N.)

Heather McCain’s personal experiences with chronic pain and multiple types of disabilities led to her creating Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods (C.A.N.) in 2005, a grass roots organization that has grown into a provincial non-profit with projects throughout B.C. Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods works to support full inclusion within communities for people with disabilities and those within their support systems. Projects include improving improve access to information, educating audiences about inclusivity and accessibility, creating and performing accessibility audits and delivering presentations about barrier-free communities, including a range of topics such as: transportation, inclusive streetscapes, disability awareness, inclusive playgrounds, attitudinal accessibility and more.

Heather is a well known and respected speaker and presenter who has, in her role as Executive Director of C.A.N., advocated, consulted, educated and worked with many companies and organizations, including: TransLink, the Rick Hansen Foundation, the Canadian Centre of Disability Studies,, the Social Planning and Research Council of B.C., YVR, Legacies 2010, B.C. Disability Games Society, the Feminist Association for Collaborative Education, multiple cities and more.

Transportation Forum

Thursday, March 7 2019

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM PDT

Anvil Centre

777 Columbia Street

New Westminster, BC