We are living in a Renaissance in which the arts are being reintegrated with STEM education to become STEAM. The Centre For Imagination, Research, Culture, and Education (CIRCE) at Simon Fraser University celebrates arts-infused teaching in all disciplines and contexts and for all learners from K-12 to graduate studies. CIRCE has a strong STEAM network that aims to promote interchange among a variety of professionals such as teachers from all levels of instruction, administrators involved in designing STEAM policy, artists, engineers, mathematicians, scientists and leaders. By connecting research and practice, we hope to trigger the development of STEAM curricula that target the specific needs of the professionals involved.

In January 2019, CIRCE published a special STEAM edition of CIRCE Magazine that contains cutting-edge work from professionals around the world. You can access this edition here. In connection with the Week of Innovation event in New West Minister, we invite participants to join our community of practice that supports and expands STEAM work. We want to draw attention to and celebrate the impact women are having across STEAM research and practice.

About Us: CIRCE [pronounced sur-see] is an international hub for learning, networking, and sharing imaginative and innovative ideas and practices. CIRCE is a network of people from all professions and backgrounds. What unites us is a desire to enhance imagination, creativity, and innovation in our schools, communities, and workplaces.  CIRCE is actively seeking partnerships, collaborations, and sponsorships.

Our Mission: Growing Engaged Minds: Imagining And Making Better Worlds

Visit the STEAM webpage to learn more and to get involved in our community. (http://www.circesfu.ca/practice/steam/). Click here to get on the email list so you don’t miss out on any events, adventures, or professional learning opportunities. Contact Dr. Gillian Judson (Executive Director of CIRCE) at gcj@sfu.ca or Dr. Jailson Lima (CIRCE, Academic Council, Coordinator, STEAM initiative) at limaj@vanier.college

Dr. Gillian Judson will be speaking on the role of imagination and emotion in education at Advancing Women in STEAM, March 8 at Anvil Centre. Get your tickets now!