New Media Gallery loves to engage in the creative process; we love to imagine art exhibitions and creative events and programs that bring together artists, scientists, designers, fascinating technologies and innovative ideas. We want to share our love of contemporary art and creativity with you!

Innovation Week will mark our 20th exhibition since opening in 2014. Since we opened our doors to the public four short years ago, we’ve become one of the most attended public galleries in Metro Vancouver. We’ve had the chance to present the work of over 100 international artists! We’re proud of these milestones and we’re committed to sharing some of the most outstanding contemporary art in the world with our growing local, national and international following.

About Us

What makes New Media Gallery different? If you have come through our doors there’s a good chance you’ve bumped into one of our curators. Believe it or not, this is unusual. NMG curators believe in sharing their knowledge on a daily basis: they believe in listening and learning from their visitors. This helps us build better exhibitions. Another difference? We love to pull down walls (in more ways than one!). We demolish and rebuild the gallery for every exhibition, carefully recycling materials so nothing is wasted. The physical space of every exhibition becomes a revelation to some visitors (and some of them even come back to see how we’ve changed the space). The gallery design comes about after careful reflection on the works, discussions with the artists and the exhibition theme. We’re a small gallery; only 2000 – 3000 square feet. Our exhibitions are just big enough to leave most visitors wanting more.


What kind of art is there?

At NMG you will find artworks that incorporate technology in fascinating and innovative ways. Our exhibition themes have been as diverse as Music, Outer Space, The world of Surveillance, Hybridity, the Bridge, Technological Portraits, Robots that Draw, the Temperature of Light, the Poetics of Sound. We love connect with artists who are fascinated with how the world works. These artists use new media as a material and a way to comment on how the world works. They work with new technologies and innovative ways of understanding systems (like algorithms, biogenetics or natural diversity). The gallery has a strong science bias; artists often find ways to build scientific findings into their works. Our next exhibition features Canadian/ Anishinabee artist, Lisa Jackson who works with Virtual Reality, and Jonathan Schipper from New York who works with 3-D Extrusion. Between them they have created two uncanny and surreal explorations of future worlds.

The exhibition that will run for Innovation Week promises to be exciting exploration of the power + poetry of magnetism.

We’re easy to find; we’re in the beautiful Anvil Centre, right across from the New West SkyTrain. We often say it takes longer to navigate Robson Street in downtown Vancouver than it does to jump on a sky train and make it out to New West. Within steps of New Media Gallery you’ll find new restaurants and little cafés, River Market, the fantastic riverfront Pier Park walk with its beautiful gardens and public art, and of course our Anvil neighbors the Museum and Archives! It’s easy to make a day of it. Plan to fall in love with the city and with this little gallery!

For more information on how to find us, or exhibits past and present, please visit our website.